COVID-19 Updates

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Due to the rising risk of COVID-19 positive infected people in our area, we are no longer having clients enter Volusia Woods Animal Clinic.

If you are COVID-19 positive, have been exposed to someone who is COVID-19 positive or are showing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please stay at home. You can ask someone healthy to drive your pet to us.

If you are healthy and have not been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, we ask that you call the office phone at (386) 775-5300 when you arrive for your appointment. Please tell us your name and your pet’s name, as well as your cell phone number and your car model and color. A veterinary technician will come out to your car and bring your pet inside. We will then call you to go over your pet’s history and any necessary diagnostics or treatments. The doctor will keep in touch with any findings or updates. We will collect payment over the phone and then bring your pet back to you.

For food and medication pick up, please remain in your car and give us a call. Tell us your car type and we will handle payment over the phone, delivering your items to your car.

You can also text us during business hours at (386) 775-5300.

We will continue our rigorous sanitizing schedule, keeping sick staff at home and monitoring updates as they are available. Our goal is to continue to take care of your pet’s needs through these challenging times. Please allow a little more time as we navigate this process while trying to keep our staff and community healthy.